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Dragon New  Paracell 

Dragon-30  is a lifting-towing system, intended for entertaining towages as above water (behind a boat or a water motorcycle), and above a land (towage manually or using special winch, providing the set loading on a towing cable). The device provides automatic system’s following behind a tower without participation of the passenger.

The  system consists of:  
• a canopy with lines and release risers
• harness
• Two hooks release
• a life jacket
• towing rope by 66m length
• a bag
• the operating manual

Harnesses of the big size, small size, and also the complete set for two passengers flights can be included  after the separate order
Aerodynamic assembling of a canopy is designed as « biplane » for easy rise of a canopy, reliable start, high carrying properties and stability at towage.

The lifting-towing system Dragon-30 provides towage of the passenger on two high-speed modes that allows to make rises both in calm conditions and when the wind is strong enough. During the slackness of loading on a towing rope steering lines stretch, and aerodynamic resistance of the lifting-towing system automatically increases

Unique features of the Dragon-30 system allow landing inexperienced passengers on the beach during the suitable weather conditions and necessary skills of a towing team. Experienced passengers, having unhooked from a towing rope, can flight the Dragon, as an usual planning parachute with soft landing.

Lifting-towing system also allows instructing parachutists-beginners.
A warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase, including the time of operation and storage.



Model 30
Area, m2 30.00
Minimal flight weight , kg 30
Maximal flight weight , kg 150
Span , m 8.0
Weight of the system , kg 14
Speed Flying (usual mode), m/c 5...9
Speed  Flying (high-speed mode), m/c 7...12
Speed Flying  (free fly, toggles are pinned), m/s 4,2...7,2
Site rate (free flight, toggles are pinned), m/s 2,1...3,

Flying weight – weight of the pilot with all equipment, including weight of the paraglider (~ +15 kg)These are flight weights for flights above a land. The maximal flight weight above water –250 kg.
Is used for the spread out system
It includes the weight of a towing rope


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