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Zorro Bi

Motor Hobby XC Sport Acro

Motor Wing  Tandom
ZORRO BI is tandem wing for comfortable paratrike and paramotor flights. Easy start, easy handling, high fly speed, small loading on steering lines make this wing attractive for tandem flights. You and your passenger will feel great pleasure with motorized flight, using Zorro.
The Second place in the World —hampionship 2005 in France in class PL2 (two-seater paratrike)

Enhanced Stability System

Twin Profile Technology

Flight performances
Flight speed Vx, км/ч
Minimal speed 27
Trim speed 46

 Technical data

Model Zorro 38 Zorro 42
Area (flat), m2 38.0 42.0
Span (flat), m 14.33 15.07
Weight, kg 9.3 10.0
Minimal flight weight, kg 110 130
Maximal flight weight, kg 250 300
Range of trimmers, cm 12
Speed system no

Flight weight includes pilot, passenger, wing and trike or motor weight.


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