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Paragliders                ( Special Products With Technology )


 " about Paraavis Company "

We produce paragliders since 1992. And we always keep an eye on the present day manufacture technologies of paragliders all over the world.

Choice of the materials was one of the problems to solve. It was necessary to find an optimal solution, taking into account such issues as ageing, stability and ease of handling. Consequently, we use the following materials within the manufacture of our gliders: the Gelvenor Textyles for the upper surface and the NCV Porsher Marine for the lower surface and the ribs. The gliders are manufactured with the lines made of new technology dynema fiber by Edelrid and Liros.

All our paragliders are made on the company’s own factory. They are checked thoroughly in all levels of the manufacture. In such way we gain an advantage of the top quality within the whole manufacture of our gliders. Excellent safety is acknowledged by the AFNOR tests (all our gliders are certificated by AFNOR).

We are proud to provide gliders for the wide range of pilots from the beginners to the very experienced ones. We fly our gliders ourselves and advice them to our friends because we are fully confident in the quality of our gliders and what is more important – their safety. While designing our gliders we tried to do our best to improve the safety within the perfect flying characteristics.

Sportsmen who fly our paragliders, regularly win the C.I.S. competitions and successfully participate in the international PG competitions.

Paraavis gliders are used by the vast majority of paragliding schools all over Russia and C.I.S. Many weekend pilots have already chosen to fly Paraavis gliders and now you are able to make your own choice.

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