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 This technology is based on the features of the paragliderís profiles made by our specialists

ESS: Enhanced Stability System
Enhanced Stability System
Ess Farsi

This technology is based on the features of the paragliderís profiles made by our specialists. The pressure distribution inside the wing produces the power in further part of the wing. This power is directed upwards and prevents the unloading of the leading edge at the low angles of attack.

Result: great stability for collapses. You can use your speed bar more and donít be afraid of the collapses.

SRS: Smart Risers System
Smart Risers System

Our gliders are very resistible for collapses and you can use long travel speed system without any risk. But to use long travel speed system in full, common risers should be very long. In this way only tall pilot will be able to pull the speed bar up to the end. We spared this disadvantage by inventing Smart risers which are short with a long travel of the speed system.

Result: Even with short risers, you will have the long travel speed system. Also, with advantage of short risers, you are able to get the lines for "Big Ears" without any effort.

TPT: Twin Profile Technology
Twin Profile Technology

On the modern paragliders with diagonal ribs, the lines are mounted on the big distance between each other. To make an equal loading on the wing we have designed different profiles for ribs to which the lines are mounted and ribs without lines.

Result: We attained the slide distribution of loading on the wing between main and diagonal ribs. As a result we got a smooth upper surface, more performance and solidity of the wing.


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